Joseph has been my barber for over 15 years and is absolutely outstanding. He strives for perfection and is willing to take the time necessary to get there. Their online booking system is especially convenient, as their schedule fills up quickly. Prices are very reasonable for the quality you receive.

- Steve S

HIGHLY recommended! I've lived here for three short years and visited damn near all barbers on the east side. Joseph and Anas are without a doubt the most skilled and knowledgeable. They're both very professional and give a lot of great insight onto what fits as a haircut with each specific person. Will be using Jordan Salon for as long as they're around.

- Jeremy B

I've been going to Jordan Salon for more than 5 years. And every time I go I'm treated like family. I've never left with any complaints or any concerns. This is the only place I trust with my hair and all three barbers are great whether it's Mohammed or Joseph or TJ.

- Chris K

I've been going to Jordan Salon since 2003 when I started working in Bellevue City Center.  I don't work there anymore, but I continue to go to Jordan. Not sure what else needs to be said other than I'm still going there.  Walk in, say 'the usual', and get a great haircut every time. One time I couldn't get an appointment and went someplace else in Bellevue, but I definitely went back to Jordan. What more can I say?

- Steve T

The barbershop is conveniently located inside City Center Bellevue, street level, on the Bellevue Transit Center face. Included with the haircut is City Center Bellevue underground visitor parking validation (there is a time limit, something like 1h40min, which was more than enough). Joseph is a true Renaissance man. He will not only give you an A++ haircut, but will also give great tips about hair care. His knowledge of hair is based not only on years of experience but also on thorough scientific understanding of the hair (chemical composition, microscopic structure, etc). And when he talks about something, he REALLY knows it by heart. Definitely recommended!

- Mert S

My first experience with Anas was fantastic ... This feels like a haircut at home . The recommendations are on point as are the folks. I highly recommend the place & their products and as their prices on them are low point than competitive retailers as they are strategically purchased on sale and wholesale. Try Jordans. I intend to stick to Jordan's as my workplace is a hop skip jump. Price point is a $$$ but it's worth your time & energy. You can request a silent haircut or a chatty one. Your call.

- M

Absolutely the best experience I've had at a men's salon. Anas was extremely helpful and did a fantastic job. Absolutely worth every dollar. He listens to everything you have to say and offers his opinion when and where it matters. Will definitely be back.

- Moh'd I

The best men's haircut in Bellevue. Hands down, no competition. If you value your haircut and your professional image, as I do, this is the only place you will go!

- Andy B

If you are looking for a crazy trendy haircut, this isn't your place. If you are looking for a neat, professional haircut that is perfectly cut and blended, this IS your place. Joseph has been cutting my hair for over two years now, and I couldn't be happier.

- Jeremy P

Just started working in the Bellevue area and needed to find a new barber that wasn't a chair at a Sports Clips. I saw Jordan Salon as I was getting off my bus and decided to take the number down and call them when they opened. I ended up placing an appointment on-line, super easy, and made it in same day during my lunch hour. Anas was my barber and he did an amazing job (he's also the owner). I appreciate his attention to detail and his approach at cutting hair. Definitely found my new barber.

- Kevin B

Like many of the people who have reviewed here, I don't use Yelp often, if at all. I never found the use of taking time out of my day to go review something online that people will probably just make their own opinion about anyways. But this is honestly the best haircut I've ever gotten in my life and I would feel immoral if I didn't give these guys credit where credit is due. I've never walked out of any salon or barber shop thinking "man, my hair looks good." It usually takes a couple days to grow into it, but not this time. I walked out of the shop thinking "MAN, my hair looks GOOD!" Definitely recommend these guys, will only be getting my haircuts from here from now onwards.

- Dean S

I can't speak highly enough of Anas. He is an expert at cutting men's hair, which has a lot of differences and nuances when compared to women and children's hair. I am not lying or kidding in the least, when I say that I have received more compliments on my hair and beard since I visited a couple weeks ago, than I ever have at any other time in my adult life. They really know their stuff. They will hook you up, and if you have a beard, this place really is a must. I'll be going back in for a trim pretty soon.

- Johnathan C

I have been going to Jordan's for a long time, primarily because of Joseph. A few years ago I had to leave the area for a while, and when I got back to Seattle I was pleased to find him still there in Bellevue, since I have never found a better barber, even though I moved around a lot because of my job. One of the qualities that makes him exceptional in my opinion is that he really knows his stuff. Maybe this appeals to me because I am a bit of a geek, but the fact is that he is the only barber who gave me a full detailed and very knowledgeable rundown on the nature of my hair, the type/structure/composition, what usually works best and why he would use certain techniques rather than others, in a way that was very informative and also that made it clear he really knows and likes his craft. Even in the few cases when I decided to go with my own ideas disregarding his input, he has always happily gone along and done a truly excellent job. He listens very carefully and won't do anything you are not 100% convinced of. I am surprised by a previous comment from a disappointed customer; the way he described his experience makes it seem like he was talking about a totally different person. Most other reviewers however seem to agree with me that it would be hard to find another barber as skilled and knowledgeable as Joseph. I couldn't recommend him more.

- Albert G