Our Philosophy


The Foundation

A haircut is built by first laying the foundation, just like you build any other structure. The foundation of any haircut is the shape. If the shape is correct, the haircut will look great, no matter what else you may or may not do.


The Shape

The shape is developed by careful examination of the facial structure…the size and shape of the cheek bones, the width and height of the face, the shape and size of the eyes and ears, and the overall proportion and geometric relationship of the features. Is it a thin face or a wide face? Is the jaw angular or rounded? Is the chin square, round or an inverted triangle? These are the first things we look for. The shape of the haircut must accent the positives and diminish the negatives. This is because when you meet someone, they see everything at once…and that makes a first and lasting impression. If someone has a long thin face, then having more width on the sides and less length on the top compensates for that thinness. The shape of the skull also plays a critical role in determining the overall shape and profile of the haircut. A straight line on the sides may complement your face the best, or perhaps a convex, concave, or compound curved line would look better. These are only some of the considerations that are discussed before we ever start cutting.

Phase Two of the Haircut

The second phase of the haircut is the finish. We select techniques that will yield the best results. Questions like how much time the client takes to style his hair in the morning; what products, if any, do they typically use; what overall style are they looking for; do they need a classic business cut that can be converted to casual right after work with very little fuss; is a razor finish appropriate, or do we use a taper shears to remove the bulk on the sides? 

Hair Types

Cowlicks need to be dealt with, because how the hair lays is crucial. Asian, Caucasian and African American hair lay differently, and need to be dealt with accordingly. Each racial hair type is completely unique, as is the structure of their hair. All these issues need to be understood and correctly addressed in order to finish the haircut with handsome results.


The Finish

A correct finish will guarantee that the haircut will look great for 4 to 6 weeks, and in some cases even longer. The best cutters are part scientists and part artists, affording them the insight, skills, knowledge and artistic vision necessary to give you the best results. We give that attention to detail to every client, every day, which guarantees that you receive a great-looking haircut that is easy to maintain and lasts as long as possible. We know that we are only as good as our last haircut, and that keeps us on our toes.