Jordan, The Professional Man’s Barber opened its doors in 1985. The concept was clear, a salon strictly for men, offering the best haircuts that last as long as possible for a reasonable price. If you go to a typical woman’s salon, you have to contend with gossip, perm smells, no men’s magazines to read, and the simple fact that most men don’t really fit in nor feel comfortable at a woman’s salon. If you go to a regular barber shop, you get fast, efficient service, but the haircut usually leaves a lot to be desired. That was the dilemma we all faced. So we opened our doors for men who need and want to look their best all the time, whether for business or more pleasurable pursuits, and need to maintain a strict schedule. We work by appointment, but also take walk-ins for that occasional last minute cut or clean-up just before a client meeting. At Jordan Salon, chances are you’ll get the best haircut you’ve ever had, at a price that’s a bit more than a barber shop, but less than a typical woman’s salon, and typically lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. To us and all of our discerning clients, that’s a win-win situation.